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Ophiuchus: The new Zodiac Sign

Have you heard that there is now a 13th zodiac sign, called Ophiuchus? Zodiac and astrological signs are based on the how the constellations appear in the sky. Well, apparently the earth’s access has shifted a bit over the last few thousand years, and that shift has caused the sky to look a little bit different than it did back when the original zodiac signs were identified. Now we can see another constellation: Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus represents the “serpent bearer” and resembles a man holding a snake. It runs from November 29 – December 17.  What do you think about the new sign?  Whether you like it or hate it, there’s a t-shirt for you:

Ophiuchus Stars

Ophiuchus Star Design T-Shirt

Ophiuchus 13th Zodiac Sign

Down With Ophiuchus

Learn more about Ophiuchus in Mary Francis Abbamonte’s book, The 13th Sign:

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