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10 Reasons Lisbeth Salander is My Hero

Have you read the book or seen the movie The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? What about the others in the trilogy: The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest? They are some of the best books that I’ve ever read, so I’m sure I’ll write more about them in the future, but for this post I wanted to focus on Lisbeth Salander. Could there be a more complicated, intelligent, brave, strange heroine?

10 Reasons Lisbeth Salander Is My Hero

  1. She doesn’t mince words.
  2. She epitomizes the famous phrase, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” (Her “stick” sometimes presents itself as a taser, mace, a gun, boxing skills, etc.)
  3. She reads high-level mathematic books for fun.
  4. She puts more stock into personal ethics than the law.
  5. She puts more stock into personal attraction than the “laws” of typical relationships.
  6. She’s a computer genius, even with a bullet in her head.
  7. She takes revenge when revenge is needed.
  8. She sticks up for her mother.
  9. She can rock a mohawk like no other.
  10. She hates men who hate women.

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And here’s the boxed set of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy of books (fyi, one of my friends thought that the beginning of the first book was a little slow, but once she got into it she was so hooked that she read the other two immediately afterward):

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